MediterraneanTan® is the chosen spray tan of the most discerning tanner. Pageant winners, contestants, celebrities and the best salon owners all use and trust MediterraneanTan®. Named in Spa Australasia as the number one brand and as seen in Vogue Australia, Mediterranean Tan® is the only spray tan to appear in Vogue Brides Directory 2015/2016. MediterraneanTan® delivers results; exotic deep dark colours combined with a luxurious exotic skin treatment. Escape to the unique experience that can only be yours with MediterraneanTan®. Made in a certified organic environment and formulated/clinically tested by the medical industry; MediterraneanTan® is the only choice for ensuring all your health and beauty needs.

Streak free and divinely inspired this luxurious Ultra Dark Violet Mousse is one the darkest products on the market thanks to Mediterranean Tan’s INDUCTAFUZE® Violet - VBS® technology.

Made in a certified organic environment, MediterraneanTan® is the only choice for ensuring all your health and beauty needs. Divinely inspired with beautiful skin ingredients and EcoCert Approved DHA, to firm skin, decrease the appearance of fine lines and deliver a divine dark tan.

You control the colour: After initial application you may decide a darker result is required - the rinse off time can then be 4 hours but must be rinsed off by 4 hours. Skin Type 3 and above may leave on for up to 6 hours.

Instructions for use: Exfoliate 24 hours prior with MediterraneanTan® Body Scrub. Apply MediterraneanTan® Violet Mousse with tanning mitt. Warm water rinse 60 seconds at desired time. Pat Dry. 

Key Features: Violet - VBS® is suitable for people with a yellow undertone to their skin. 

Storage: Store out of direct sunlight in a controlled environment less than 16ºC. To ensure best product efficiency as per best before date, store in fridge.

Size: 250ml

Fragrance: Raspberry Vanilla



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